Monthly Archives: December 2011

Two new springs for the Mugen mbx6 series

Mugen Seiki has released 2 softer springs for the mbx6, mbx6eco, mbx6R and the mbx6T. I think these spring will perform very good in very low traction conditions. Can’t wait to try them out on damp astroturf!

E0581 – Front Damper Spring 1.5/8.5T: MBX6, 6R, 6T
E0582 – Rear Damper Spring 1.5/8.75T: MBX6, 6R, 6T


Rumor: Mugen MBX6R EU spec available in February

There are some rumors floating around saying that MSE will release a MBX6R EU edition in February. The EU spec will feature a +3mm chassis instead of the +5mm chassis, a new rear shocktower, new gears and different internal gear ratios.

I really doubt if this rumor is true, but I guess time will tell.