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GP Montpellier: Battle’s setup

This is Battle’s winning setup from last weekend in France!



Mugen MBX6R EU Spec (Nurnberg 2012)

Mugen announced the EU spec version of the MBX6R at the Toy Fair in Nurnberg.

The MBX6R EU Spec should feature the following options:

  • A +5mm chassis, which is 2mm extended in the back and 3mm in the front. Which means more mass in the rear compared to the old +5mm chassis.
  • Overdrive gears in both gear boxes (42/12)
  • A new rear shocktower. Probably with more upper link locations.
  • A new rear wing

There’s probably more to add, but this is what I gathered from the interwebz.

Here’s a video that I found on youtube from the Toy Fair in Nurnberg:

This is Battle’s machine! The chassis on the right is the new +5mm chassis (if you have good eyes, you can EU-SPEC on the chassis). The driveshaft is probably a 3mm extended shaft to compensate with the longer front end.

Credits to Mugen Seiki and for the pictures!