Mugen MBX6R EU Spec (Nurnberg 2012)

Mugen announced the EU spec version of the MBX6R at the Toy Fair in Nurnberg.

The MBX6R EU Spec should feature the following options:

  • A +5mm chassis, which is 2mm extended in the back and 3mm in the front. Which means more mass in the rear compared to the old +5mm chassis.
  • Overdrive gears in both gear boxes (42/12)
  • A new rear shocktower. Probably with more upper link locations.
  • A new rear wing

There’s probably more to add, but this is what I gathered from the interwebz.

Here’s a video that I found on youtube from the Toy Fair in Nurnberg:

This is Battle’s machine! The chassis on the right is the new +5mm chassis (if you have good eyes, you can EU-SPEC on the chassis). The driveshaft is probably a 3mm extended shaft to compensate with the longer front end.

Credits to Mugen Seiki and for the pictures!


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