I’m Jasper and I live in Belgium. I’m an RC fanatic who races in Belgium, Holland and Germany. I made this blog to share my racing experiences to my fellow racers, inform them with tips and tricks and share the latest news about RC offroad racing.

My favorite class is 1/8th scale nitro. I love the smell and noise of nitro engines. I try to participate to big races as much as I can with my Mugen mbx6 and OS Speed.

When I drive my 1/10th scale car, it’s usually at a club race or indoors when it’s raining. I never go to any big races with this car because my focus is on 1/8th scale.

If you’re on Twitter you can follow me on @broodro0ster to get notified about new posts.

Here are the cars that I currently own:

  • Mugen mbx6 EU with OS Speed
  • Mugen mbx6 with Tekno V4, RX8 and T8 1900kv
  • Durango DEX410
And the cars I owned:
  • Schumacher Cougar with 10.5T and LRP Sphere comp TC spec
  • Mugen mbx6 with a Ninja MR .21
  • Mugen mbx6 with Tekno V3, MMM and CC 2200kv
  • Losi 8ight-e with MMM and CC 2200kv
  • Protech Phaser4RS with RTR engine

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