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First race of 2012: NLD-BE-DE 17-18 March @ MVW Purmerend

It’s the first 1/8 buggy race of the year tomorrow. The weather forecast looks good at the moment, 10°C and no rain. Lets hope it stays that way.

If you’re intressested in the event, here’s some more information about it:

A race report will follow after the weekend!


Mugen MBX6R US version: teaser

I found a teaser on that mentions that there will be a US MBX6R version available in the future. Other than that,  there aren’t any details available yet.

Mugen mbx6r us teaser


Mugen MBX6R EU Spec (Nurnberg 2012)

Mugen announced the EU spec version of the MBX6R at the Toy Fair in Nurnberg.

The MBX6R EU Spec should feature the following options:

  • A +5mm chassis, which is 2mm extended in the back and 3mm in the front. Which means more mass in the rear compared to the old +5mm chassis.
  • Overdrive gears in both gear boxes (42/12)
  • A new rear shocktower. Probably with more upper link locations.
  • A new rear wing

There’s probably more to add, but this is what I gathered from the interwebz.

Here’s a video that I found on youtube from the Toy Fair in Nurnberg:

This is Battle’s machine! The chassis on the right is the new +5mm chassis (if you have good eyes, you can EU-SPEC on the chassis). The driveshaft is probably a 3mm extended shaft to compensate with the longer front end.

Credits to Mugen Seiki and for the pictures!

New pistons for the MBX6 series: 5x 1.35mm tapered

Mugen Seiki has released a new set of pistons. The size of the holes are the same size as on the normal white pistons, but the new pistons have tapered holes. This means that they should give a faster rebound while maintaining the same damping characteristics.

Two new springs for the Mugen mbx6 series

Mugen Seiki has released 2 softer springs for the mbx6, mbx6eco, mbx6R and the mbx6T. I think these spring will perform very good in very low traction conditions. Can’t wait to try them out on damp astroturf!

E0581 – Front Damper Spring 1.5/8.5T: MBX6, 6R, 6T
E0582 – Rear Damper Spring 1.5/8.75T: MBX6, 6R, 6T

Rumor: Mugen MBX6R EU spec available in February

There are some rumors floating around saying that MSE will release a MBX6R EU edition in February. The EU spec will feature a +3mm chassis instead of the +5mm chassis, a new rear shocktower, new gears and different internal gear ratios.

I really doubt if this rumor is true, but I guess time will tell.

SNR battery forward radio tray

This nice radio tray allows you to use the forwarded battery config.

You can order the tray here