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New Mugen MBX6R announced (Update: part list added)

Mugen is about to release a new kit this winter. The release should be around december in the US. It’s currently not known if Mugen Seiki plans to release the MBX6R in Europe. The kit comes with a new forwarded battery tray, upper front alu hinge pin holder, rear alu toe block with adjustable inserts and the new springs.

For those who want to upgrade the MBX6 or the MBX6 EU to a R spec, the following parts are needed:

  •  E0429 Al. Servo Horn Set
  •  E0177 Al. Front Upper Arm Mount
  •  E0185 Al. Rear Lower Arm Mount
  •  E0188 Tension Rod
  •  E0233 Spur Gear 44T
  •  E0254 Center Drive Shaft (110)
  •  E0329 Radio Plate
  •  E0330 Battery Holder
  •  E0331 Battery Holder Post
  •  E0416 Chassis (+5)
  •  E0571 Front Damper Spring φ1.5/8.25T
  •  E0576 Rear Damper Spring φ1.5/8.25T
  •  E0838 Steering Rod 52 (4mm Square)
  •  E0903 Muffler Stay
  •  E1012 Wing Black
  •  E1032 MBX-6R Body (Force body by Bitty Design)



R/C car handling – An introduction to vehicle dynamics

I’ve found this link a while ago and read it a few times ever since. It’s a real pleasure to read and the animations/images are very good. I’d recommend this to everyone who’s into RC racing.

Big ups for Bruno ‘Elvo’ Heremans who has written the guide!


Here’s the link: