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Racereport: Buggycup race 1 @ Raco 2000 (Utrecht)

I’m back from Utrecht and I had a great time over there with my mates and my Mugen!

Too keep it short: The track was very bumpy and I saw a lot of racers (including myself) struggling with finding a good setup that suits the bumpy astroturf track. On Saturday afternoon, my car was going quite well to be honest after a few setup changes. My setup was far off from what I usually run on astroturf tracks. But my car was going well with the Tourex X300 tires. They were very forgiving, but they gave my just enough grip to go fast.

Unfortunately, it was raining on Sunday morning, although the weather forecast looked good. I decided to make a few setup changes and I choose the AKA supersoft tires for the first qualification. Luckily, it stopped raining just before drivers briefing. In the first round of the qualifications, my car was extremely good in the damp conditions. I took the 8th spot at the end of round 1. In the second qualification, the track started to dry so I switch to the soft compound Cross Braces and a ticker front swaybar. Unfortunately, that combo wasn’t really working for me. The track was too dry and my car was extremely nervous in every corner and under breaking. Even the jumps were difficult to land. I drove worse then in Q1, while the track conditions were better. I switched to the Tourex X300 syntrack tires for Q3 and my car was dialed! I qualified as 9th at the end of the qualifications so I could start on P5 in the semi A final.

My car was very good in the final after 1 more change, but I overdrive the car a little and made too many mistakes. I finished 6th, but only the first 5 guys of each semi were driving the main final. But that’s not too bad knowing that I just started my second year of racing. I ended up as 11th overall and as 2nd in the hobbyclass. I’m very happy that my car worked so well on the bumpy track.

Here’s the setup that I used in the semi final:  Setup buggycup Raco 2000 15/04/12 mbx6r


GP Montpellier: Battle’s setup

This is Battle’s winning setup from last weekend in France!


Setup Buggy VS Truggy Purmerend (WET) 18/09/2011

The setup was pretty good in the wet conditions.

Setup: Download

Setup Buggycup Oss 11/09/2011

Here’s my setup from last weekend.
I managed to qualify into the semi finals with it, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to bump up to the main final. My engine flamed in the last 5 minutes and I fell back from P5 to P7.

The setup: Download

Mugen MBX6 basic astroturf setup

Here’s my base setup that I run on astroturf tracks in Belgium and Holland. If the track is really smooth, fit 3.2mm rollbars in the front and rear and perhaps try a little less droop. Also use the long front chassisbrace if the track is dry. The cars short one is really messing with your setup and causes too much traction rolling. The short brace may come in handy when the track is wet and your suffering front grip.

The setup also works on electric cars, but the front shock oil should be increased by 50cts.

Here’s my setup: