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GP Montpellier: Battle’s setup

This is Battle’s winning setup from last weekend in France!



Setup Buggy VS Truggy Purmerend (WET) 18/09/2011

The setup was pretty good in the wet conditions.

Setup: Download

R/C car handling – An introduction to vehicle dynamics

I’ve found this link a while ago and read it a few times ever since. It’s a real pleasure to read and the animations/images are very good. I’d recommend this to everyone who’s into RC racing.

Big ups for Bruno ‘Elvo’ Heremans who has written the guide!


Here’s the link: http://users.telenet.be/elvo/

Mugen MBX6 basic astroturf setup

Here’s my base setup that I run on astroturf tracks in Belgium and Holland. If the track is really smooth, fit 3.2mm rollbars in the front and rear and perhaps try a little less droop. Also use the long front chassisbrace if the track is dry. The cars short one is really messing with your setup and causes too much traction rolling. The short brace may come in handy when the track is wet and your suffering front grip.

The setup also works on electric cars, but the front shock oil should be increased by 50cts.

Here’s my setup: http://cl.ly/9LQU